What do you think Pro Tapping is? We provide Hot Taps, Wet Taps, Line Stops, Pipe Freezes, Valve Insertions, and so much more. We have a complete and extensive inventory of fittings and valves for all our services – in stock up to 24” for everyday use or an emergency.

Did you know we have our own machine shop on-site to repair your cutters and pilot drills? We can repair your tapping or line stopping equipment whatever the make or model. We also sell cutters and pilot drills. Want to know more of what we can offer you? Check out our list below for a brief description or call our office for more information.   You may also download and print our brochure.

star Hot Taps

star Wet Taps

star Line Stops

star Pipe Freezes

star Valve Insertions

star Specialty Valves & Fittings

star Valve Insertions for Copper

star Ultrasonic Pipe/Tank Wall Thickness Testing

star Copper Pipe Crimping

star Concrete Wall Wet Taps

star Cutter, Pilot and Tapping Machine Repair and Service