Tapping Traps

Ever wonder why we are so specific in our overall length dimensions, valve requirements or why you have to weld square and perpendicular to the pipe?  Take a look at the following CAD drawings to see why it is so important and what can happen when our specifications are not met.

There is a reason why they are called tapping traps and should be avoided.  You might have a unique situation where you are not sure if what you have will create a tapping trap — just give us a call and let us help you make the job right from the start!

Tapping Trap #1 — Welded Nozzle Off-Center
Tapping Trap #2
— Valve Not Deep Enough for Cutting Equipment
Tapping Trap #3
— Valve Seat Rings Not Concentric with Valve Flange
Tapping Trap #4
— Valve Flange Bolt Holes Not Concentric with Bore of Valve
Tapping Trap #5
— Excessive Nozzle Length