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Pipe Freezes are a non-invasive and non-contaminating pipeline process that allows you to temporarily freeze and thus isolate a section of your piping system. Most industrial and commercial applications involving valve replacements, system maintenance and modifications can benefit from the use of Pipe Freezes. They allow ability to make repairs, alterations or relocations without a complete shutdown or drain down of your system.

Pipe Freezing is performed by isolating the pipeline with a pipe freeze jacket that is bolted onto the line to be frozen. Liquid nitrogen is then released into the pipe freeze jacket, allowing a solid ice plug to form. This plug is safely maintained and monitored by our Pipe Freeze Technicians throughout the freezing process. Once the repairs are complete and the ice plug thaws, your line is back in operation.

Pipe Freezing can be performed on a variety of pipeline materials including carbon and stainless steel, transite (ACP), cast and ductile iron, aluminum, copper, lead, titanium and coated or lined pipe in sizes ranging from ½” to 30”. The lines can be vertical, horizontal, inclined and out-of-round.

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